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Katey Duffey

Katey is an American zoologist with an interest in human-carnivore coexistence and One Health.  After serving 6 years in the US. Army National Guard, Katey received a bachelor’s degree in Zoo and Wildlife Biology, as well as a minor in Psychology from Malone University where she worked with over 70 species of reptiles. She has also worked with wild wolves under David L. Mech, and with captive wolves.

Katey fell into snow leopard research while earning her master’s degree in Zoology through Miami University. As a final project to support her Master Plan on mitigating human-wildlife conflict, she joined an opportunity with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Irbis Mongolia to survey for snow leopards in western Mongolia and study snow leopard-herder interactions. Since earning her master’s degree in 2014, she has continued her independent research working with local organizations in snow leopard range and applying her interests with other carnivore species within different environments.

Katey is using her past training as a Combat Lifesaver and is certified in Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA) & First Response Emergency Care (FREC), which she puts into practice in remote and hostile environments helping other field researchers learn how to prevent and handle different situations that may occur while working in austere environments.

She has also worked with The Tulsi Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing trauma training to frontline conservation staff in Indian tiger reserves.

Learn more about Katey’s past and present work here! Kateyduffey.wordpress.com

Andrew Wood

Andy Wood is a professional wilderness guide, guide instructor, safety consultant and television producer based in England. 

After an extensive career in the British military that included 10 years in the infantry and 34 years in the British Special Forces (22 SAS), he now divides his time between guiding private groups and individuals into austere environments and consulting and producing television shows for some of the major channels the world over. 

With this wealth of experience, knowledge and a passion for wildlife and wilderness environments he brings a multi-faceted skill set to the company. These include being an expedition and remote environments medic, a cross country ski instructor, a survival and tracking instructor, water safety officer and firearms instructor (a skill often needed when guiding in dangerous carnivore environments such as Canada and Africa).

A highlight of Andy’s guiding career came in 2015 when he was asked by a multi-national group of scientist and explorers to lead an expedition into the remote Honduran mosquitia in search of the fabled Ciudad Blanca, an expedition that proved successful after they discovered the remains of the until then never recorded city and civilisation.

David Connell

Dave is a former British Royal Army Medical Corp soldier, Medical Assistant and Combat Medical Technician. He has had a full career covering 22 years of military service including 5 years with the Medical Support Unit, UK Special Forces Group based with 22 Special Air Service in Hereford and retired with exemplary service in 2004 as Warrant Officer Class One. 

On retirement, Dave founded a medical life support company that provided training, medical operational services and medical equipment for clients specifically seeking services in remote and hostile areas of the world. He also focused on a pathway of development that included elements of all the disciplines to help and teach personal resilience and became an advisor to many survival, military, and adventure TV shows. 

Dave is currently passing on his knowledge and skills as a consulting instructor through the ATACC Group where he is a regular instructor delivering training and train-the-trainer courses to their clients. 

He is a member of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care at Advanced Provider level, and he sits on the Expedition Medical Skills Working Group representing non-registered providers as well. Dave is also a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and the Special Operations Medical Association.

About Our Logo

Why a snow leopard?

Snow leopards live in one of the most austere environments on the planet in extreme cold and high altitudes. These elusive big cats must navigate rugged terrain within their vast territories that are mostly inaccessible to humans. This charismatic species represents the epitome of surviving in remote wilderness.

Co-founder and instructor, Katey Duffey, began the development of this company while involved in snow leopard research. Working in the dangerous habitat of these cats during subzero temperatures was part of her inspiration for creating conservation field courses that focus on safety.