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Welcome to the grand opening of Conservation Field Safety Expeditions (CFSE)! This company has been a long time in the making as our team, from different disciplines, put our heads together to dream up this epic and ambitious endeavor. We especially hit major delays when the pandemic occurred, and we were unable to visit potential locations for our courses. The pandemic also prevented us from coordinating with partners to solidify logistics. However, now the fog has cleared, and we’re excited to invite you to join our expeditions for some extraordinary learning experiences!

In addition to pre-pandemic reconnaissance and pre-established partners, this past autumn we visited Borneo and Thailand to expand our list of initial locations that we think you will enjoy. As you scroll the expedition list, you will notice that a couple have dates and prices marked “Expedition being finalised” as we work with those partners to coordinate the best times of year in their schedule and further develop those opportunities. You are still welcome to enquire about reserving a spot in those courses until the final details are posted! We appreciated your patience as our new company gets its foothold within a unique niche.

Co-founder Katey Duffey laying on a boardwalk, laughing after having a blast hiking for hours through the Bornean jungle and mangrove swamp. 

Our team’s combined network from conservation colleagues and expedition support work is building up a growing line-up of diverse environments around the world so you can practice the application of research methods, wilderness survival skills and medical aid within real field scenarios under the guidance of a team who has first-hand experience in those environments.

We look forward to helping you become prepared for work or recreation in the remote environments! Sign up for our first course to Bulgaria learning about European brown bear ecology or message us your interest for our other courses! Does your organization or field team interested in our wilderness skills and safety training but already have your research methods training covered for your particular projects?

If so, please contact us to discuss a course customized to your needs and location!

Co-founders, Katey Duffey and Andrew Wood “Woody”, conducting reconnaissance for a potential company course site in Kazakhstan while tracking snow leopards.
Author: CFSE Team

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